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Tax Rebate

Claim Tax Back When Leaving the UK


Most of the people don’t know that they can claim tax back from HMRC before leaving the UK. Whatever the reason is for you decision to leave the UK but one thing which can give you a certain and obvious advantage to claim back the tax paid during the term you were resident at UK. There are number of questions have been asked by the people in this regard. The answers to the questions which are frequently asked on this topic is given below:


Who is due a tax refund when leaving the country?

Almost everyone who has worked here and paid income tax and then leaves for an extended period of time can apply for a tax rebate, when leaving the UK.


Will I be able to Claim all my tax back when leaving the UK for good?

It depends on how much tax you paid and your income for all preceding tax year. However, there are bright chances that you will be able to get tax refund from the tax year in which you leave the UK.


How can I calculate what my tax refund will be when leaving the UK?

You should have got a P-45 form from your employer, when you finished your job. All your income and tax paid by you during the term of employment will be written on that form. Input those figures into our TAX Calculator can give you the result if you are qualified for a tax refund.


What about tax rebates for previous years?

You can claim tax refund for up to previous 6 tax years. However you need P60 form by which you can check to find out whether you have overpaid in such years too.


When can I claim my tax back?

You can claim tax refund as soon as possible when you stop working.

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